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 Valvar calling in

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Valvar calling in Empty
PostSubject: Valvar calling in   Valvar calling in EmptyWed Aug 03, 2011 4:47 am

General information:

1. Are you over 13 years old?

Last time I checked I was 18 or 19. Not sure which.

2. Do you play games? If so, which ones?

I play all games. Except the bad ones. You know, the casual ones. I played videogames before it was cool. :bandwagon:

3. Where are you located?

Sweden, the lawful neutral land of hot chicks.

4. SteamID page or any other means of contacting me:

Steam: Valvarexart
Skype: Valvarexart
Anything else: Valvarexart

5. Why do you want to join?

I am always looking for more fun people to talk to. You seemed like a nice bunch, so I would like to get in contact with you guys. I am currently 'running' a 'gaming community' under the name of Ascian Gaming Cummunity (ascian.me). We aren't really a 'big' gaming community, just a bunch of bros (and sis's) that talk on skype all day erry day, play magicka together all day erry day and occasionally build something on our dead Minecraft server. We are always looking for new friends, and if you have skype I'd appreciate it if you added me, and I can introduce you to us.

6. Write 5 sentences about yourself!

Fucking awesome dude who doesn't afraid of anything.
PC Master Race Elitist Arrogant Gamer™️.
Pretty nice guy with Swedish accent.
Slightly intellectual; interested in political issues, enjoys reading books and likes winning intellectual arguments.
I play video games all day erry day, except for when I don't.

7. Do you have any special skills/hobbies?

Gaming is my main hobby, but I do lurk a lot as well.
I have played the violin for about 10-12 years.
I enjoy reading fantasy litterature.

Special personality questions:

8. What's the cake?

A lie. Too obvious.

9. What's under your bed?

Lots of dust, a wooden sword to fend of burglars, a silver cross and holy water to keep away vampires and monsters and, of course, my imaginary friend Hugen who doesn't exist.

10. What does "polish the rocket" mean to you?

Like, polish it really good until it shines, you mean? Well, I don't know much about astrology, but I guess I would use alcohol and a disinfected towel.
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Valvar calling in
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