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 Wazbat's aplication form.

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Wazbat's aplication form. Empty
PostSubject: Wazbat's aplication form.   Wazbat's aplication form. EmptySun Jun 26, 2011 4:21 pm

Please read this before you read my application form:
Ok, ok, I'm sorry I know my first app was rubbish, but it wasn't long after my dad had died so it was like I had permanent hypothermia, always saying silly stuff, doing stupid things and stuff.
But, over the last year, I've, gotten a bit older inside, so , please forget my old application and read this new one, it may sound bad because I'm not good with words and nobody has written it out for me, but, it comes from the heart.

Age:13-14 years old (exactly 5095 days 16 hours and 23 mins)

Location: Algodonales, Spain

Steam page: steamcommunity.com/id/wazbat

It looks cool, people here seem nice, forum looks well designed.

Im fun, I like dismantaling things, I'm a nice person and i help where and when I can, I can spell And I'm a bit shy.

Good understandment of electronic circuitry, I fell like i would be very good at modding games if someone told me what program to use and how to use it... Not really much else.

Portal's food meme.

Some books.

Work hard to make a rocket shiny and very aerodynamic.

I know it's rubbish and I said a lot of things wrong, but... I don't think I'm good with words, so please read the text at the top to give you an idea of what I'm like.
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Wazbat's aplication form.
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