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 DriftMonkey Car

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PostSubject: DriftMonkey Car   Thu May 26, 2011 7:21 pm

Ok, i have been away for a pretty long time because i have had alot of things to do but i will try to be more on the forums from now on.

I was at gatebil a week ago, i took alot of pictures but i dont have my camera right now.
While i was there i got to ride with Team DriftMonkey, one of norway's best drift teams. It was really cool and i have been a fan of them since i first saw them a couple of years ago. So when i came back from gatebil i decided to make my own driftmonkey car. They're usually red with a monkey decal on the side and some body modifications.

I just lowered a bmw m3, made it red, put on some simple body modifications and the driftmonkey decals.

Big image Constructive criticism is appreciated

Here's Fredrik ├śksnevad's car (the guy i sat on with)

Heres a vid of him drifting

Edit: I just saw that i have missed 4 layers D: It was a black hood, front bumper and some improvements.
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DriftMonkey Car
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